Nearing the End of the Journey

It’s been almost a year since I started this blog about Heinrich Barth and his travels. My book about his great expedition is now three months old. I think it’s time for the caravan to move on. I’ll continue to post if something relevant occurs to me, but will no longer maintain a regular schedule. Thank you for reading the blog. If you read the book, please let me (and Amazon!) know what you think about it.

Meanwhile I’m deep into the research for a book about another adventurer, an American this time. New journeys just ahead.

12 thoughts on “Nearing the End of the Journey

  1. Steve, I would encourage you not to stop blogging, but instead to provide “teasers” from your research along the way. We work in Nigeria, and your insights into West Africa are very helpful. I am really enjoying reading TLOK, and and anticipating your next work, and would encourage you to keep posting with quick updates. Just a thought from a fan.

  2. Hi Steve. Saw the write up today in ‘West Hartford Life’ and later in the day I bought in a used bookstore a Horizon Caravel book called ‘Exploration of Africa’ published in 1963 which has about 4 of its 153 pages devoted to Barth. I’ll definitely be keeping up with any other entries on this blog, if you post them, although I know you are heavy into research on the next book. And of course you’ll let us know if you start blogging about the next book! Hope that’s going well, hope to see you guys sometime soon.

  3. Just finished the book – I absolutely loved it and felt like starting it over again! I was lucky enough to visit Timbuktu a few years ago, when it was still visitable. Hope to return someday. Thanks so much for this fascinating, moving account of a great, unknown trailblazer.

  4. Hi Steve, I just finished your book (ALOK) and was amazed at the accomplishments of Herr Barth. Such a well written and researched book; it was hard to put down! He was truly an amazing adventurer who never got his due. Thank you for sharing his story with the world.

  5. Dear Steve,

    I’ve been living in a region of Northeastern Nigeria which Barth visited during his journey and which you cover in your book (Yola, Adamawa State). I bought your book and an abridged version of Barth’s on Apple iBooks and they’ve added a tremendous amount of depth and perspective to my experiences here. I thank you for opening my eyes to an entirely new world. Dr. Wasiq Khan, Chair of the Department of Economics, American University of Nigeria, (Yola, Nigeria)

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