Images: Some Expedition Documents


A few of the dozens of pages devoted to merchandise taken by the expedition. First, arms and ammunition:



Letter of transit in Arabic, carried by Barth, given to him by the Sultan of Bagirmi, who held him prisoner for months:

Barth’s English translation of the letter of transit, written on opposite side:

Barth’s letter to the British Foreign Office announcing his safe arrival in Timbuktu:

Barth’s IOU to some Ghadamsi merchants, entailed on his way home:

8 thoughts on “Images: Some Expedition Documents

  1. Hi Steve,

    Looking for ancient pictures of Timbuktu, I came across your blog.
    Your way of writing took me straight into the dessert and reminded me that I once had the idea to go there with my landrover to add some adventures to my life 🙂 This is however not the reason I’m writing you. According to a map of a global energy grid, Timbuktu (or a place near) is right on one of the energy centers. In your blog I saw the old painting with the two buildings in the back. I hoped that you might fill me in on these two. According to other points on this grid I mentioned I would be looking for either high buildings/structures or monolite-objects. Maybe you can help me find the monument that is connected to this energy grid!

    Keep up the good work!

    Rik Gorree
    Breda/The Netherlands

  2. This is a great article. I especially appreciated the pictures of different letters and documents in Heinrich Barth’s own hand. Might I ask what the original source of the images are?

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