Labyrinth: Reviews & Interviews

Some recent reviews and interviews about the book:

Boston Globe review.

Shelf Awareness review.

Bibliobuffet review.

Expedition News review.

Wall Street Journal review and my response.

Christian Science Monitor interview.

Pen on Fire audio interview.

New Books Network audio interview.

History in the Margins interview.

Conversation Crossroad audio interview.

One-on-One interview.

Biblioklept interview.

6 thoughts on “Labyrinth: Reviews & Interviews

  1. Great notices…just finished the book over a short vacation and was transported in time and place. What’s next, Steve? Thanks-JA

    • Thanks, John, and glad to provide the transportation. Next book also will resurrect an obscure historical adventurer, if digging him out doesn’t kill me first. An American this time.

  2. On page 140, compelling and intriguing. The book and Barth stay with me even when not reading. I’m looking for a map to overlay the journey with current Africa, any suggestions?

      • Thank you, that is a little clearer. What I really want to do is compare today’s Africa with the Africa in the book. I’m finding it difficult to figure out where they are on today’s maps. What I really probably want is an overlay, here’s Barth, here’s today. But I’m loving this book and recommending it to everyone who will listen. Barth was a fascinating man, ahead of his days and I thank you for bringing him to us. Look forward to whatever will be your next book. I love when authors bring the past to us so clearly we can feel it.

        • I, too, love to follow travels on a map, so I know what you mean. If you look at a map of modern north-central Africa, most of the main landmarks are the same as in Barth’s day. For instance, you can easily locate Murzuk, Ar. Lake Chad, Kano, Sokoto, Timbuktu, etc. I’m pleased that you’re enjoying Barth and the book.

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